About Us

Eastwood Period Accessories started out while I was preparing my '74 MG-B for a repaint.  The body needed some TLC and the green paint covering the original Harvest Gold wasn't doing the poor little car any favors.  So I decided to gird my loins, and step into the oh-so glamorous world of panel-beating and highly toxic paint.

During the body work and paint prep, I noticed the EPA Emissions decal on the slam panel was in bad shape, and should be removed for painting, and then replaced.  But a look at the usual MG parts suspects showed that nobody makes the Emission decals for the '73 or '74 MG-B!  So after some more searching I found somebody on an auction site that was selling them, so I bought one.  I'm not going for concourse paint and body work, I'm learning body work and paint as I go, but even I wasn't going to use the decal I received.  

In asking around the 'net for these decals, there was strong interest, but no supplier.  So I decided to make my own.  Thus was born, Eastwood Period Accessories.

The goal of Eastwood Period Accessories is to bring the MG enthusiast high-quality reproduction parts for their classic ride.

Safety Fast!